Be honest. How many times during the work week do you wish something fun and unexpected would happen? Do you find yourself in the same routine, week after week? What if you could bring some fresh ideas to the table to shake things up in the office every once in a while?

Well you are in luck! Here are six ways to keep your work place engaging and exciting:

  • Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. You don’t have to throw a surprise party or buy an elaborate gift, but let the people in your office know that you are thinking of them on their special day. It could be a card signed by the entire office or possibly lunch as a team out to celebrate the birthdays of that month. No matter the age or the number of years with the company, it is still nice to be recognized on that special day, once a year.
  • Lunch & Learns. Take the time once a month or quarter to have lunch together and learn as a team. It could be a short webinar on how to better your business, or maybe a team member who gives a short presentation on a project they’ve been working on, or tips to help when giving a speech or meeting. Everyone can benefit from learning, so why not learn how to grow better as a team?
  • Hallway Game Time. Have you ever tried bowling down the main hallway at work or tried getting a hole in one at the opposite end of the office? It can be quite entertaining and a great way to make memories as a group. It gives everyone a nice break from their desks to stretch their legs and to go back to work refocused. The activity does not have to disrupt work deadlines or even the office in the suite next door. Think of something small and inexpensive to have a brain break.
  • Comfortable lunch space. Create a lunch space that feels inviting and cozy. Maybe add a TV in the break room to watch the local news at noon or to catch a daytime sporting event. Have enough space to accommodate everyone and have it be a place where all can unwind and relax before finishing the day. By the time the lunch rolls around, everyone can use that break to just gather their thoughts and to step away from their work. Why not have a space that allows everyone to step into a little oasis from noon to one?
  • Out of office activities. Do you have a client that is having a special exhibit or event? What about the State Fair? Take time to have an office outing. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, expensive or take up the entire work day, but it will give everyone in the office something fun to look forward to. Make memories as an office and take the time to learn about who you work with, outside of the office environment.
  • Celebrating accomplishments and hard work. Most importantly, take time to recognize all of the effort and hard work put in on a daily basis. Maybe it happens during a certain time of the week or month, but let those you work with know how much you appreciate them. Maybe someone helped you solve a difficult work issue or maybe someone decided to pick up lunch because you were on a call. Whichever the case might be, a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Even though we may not say it out loud, it is still nice to be noticed and recognized for all that we do, whether it is big or small.

Remember, what you decide to do for your employees and coworkers, does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to save money and still show those you work with how much you appreciate them and all of their hard work.

What ideas will you come up with to shake up the normal day to day routine?

Cooksey Staff Member