Region C Water Planning

The Region C Water Planning Group is charged with planning the water needs for North Texas over the next 50 years – not an easy task when the projected demand is expected to exceed available water supplies in the coming decades. Because of the impact these decisions will have on the 16-county region, the Planning Group sought input and participation from dozens of sources – from city government and environmental groups to the local citizenry – and turned to Cooksey Communications to help manage this critical communication effort.

Cooksey developed an issues management and public policy program focused on fostering two-way communication between the Planning Group and interest groups. As part of this plan, Cooksey helped the Group manage inquiries and opposition, and maintained close contact with media to keep impacted communities informed and to invite public participation – a first for water planning effort.

Cooksey Communications’ consistent and persistent communications approach raised awareness of the critical North Texas water situation, and gave the Region C communities critical information and the impetus to get involved.