If branding connects a person emotionally with a product, service, or company, brand identity is the visual expression of that connection, allowing us to experience it with our senses.

A brand identity that captivates our attention is effective, attractive and memorable. By clearly communicating the company’s vision and persona in a stimulating way, the visual identity becomes memorable and, if embraced and nurtured, becomes a trustworthy reminder of who they are.

But how is brand identity created? With the saturation of creative tools and bountiful information on the internet, the casual observer may be tempted to think successful brand identity is conjured out of random inspiration or a coincidental creativity. In fact, it’s hard, and why exceptional results are borne only out of a painstaking process.

A disciplined methodology of thoughtful research, strategic thinking and design excellence capture the goals, vision and personality of a business into a genuine visual expression of who they are, distinct from anyone else.


Every person has their own history, strengths, weaknesses, point of view and personality that makes them a unique individual. Because businesses are created by individuals, they naturally express some of those same characteristics. A successful visual identity must effectively identify that business within an often-saturated environment. Some questions to help boil down your brand ideas might be: What is your history? Why is your business unique? How would you describe your brand? Why are you different from others? What is your vision? Core values? Goals? How do you want to be perceived in the marketplace? Who is your competition and how will you stand out? The answers to these questions help reveal valuable insight and shape the creative direction.


With the research completed, a strategic direction is defined and provides a roadmap for the design to follow. If your brand is defined as serious, technical and targeted to a mature audience, time and money would be wasted on developing ideas that are whimsical and targeted to teenagers. A well-defined plan is the foundation for a well-executed visual identity.


The designer is the creative alchemist: turning the raw material of research and strategy into conceptual gold. Flashes of inspiration make ideas flow within approved boundaries to ensure strategic relevance.


Once the final design is approved, executing the brand identity consistently through various touchpoints builds integrity with customers while communicating the brand’s enduring value.

The goal of any brand identity is to communicate who you are to who you want. To successfully establish that in your customer’s minds, embrace the process and the time it takes to work through. The richer the research, the sharper the solution. No business was created without deliberate thought and effort. Why should your brand identity be any different? The reward of process is a thriving brand in a competitive marketplace.

If you’re interested in creating a brand identity for your business, Cooksey Communications has the expertise — and the creative alchemy — to guide you along the way.

Joel Rowe
Senior Designer