One of the biggest transformations that has taken place in the marketing profession during the past two decades has been the transitioning of public relations and advertising agencies into one-stop shops that provide completely integrated marketing communications solutions for their clients. Though the trend was initiated by both types of firms looking to expand their offerings (in an effort to grow their individual businesses), the result has been a real win for their clients.

How has marketing changed?
Today’s marketing environment is multi-faceted and constantly evolving. Composed of traditional advertising and public relations, along with emerging digital and social media platforms, each has its place in a company’s marketing mix.

With so many methods available for businesses to communicate with their core customer audiences, it can be confusing (especially for small- and mid-sized B2B companies) to know how to get their program off the ground. Engaging an agency that understands how each message and platform should work together is the best way for a business to initiate that effort.

Why work with an integrated agency?
An important advantage that an integrated agency provides is the collective knowledge base it offers, matched with a coordinated effort that comes from a core team of professionals working in unison.

Rather than having two or three firms managing each marketing activity separately, an integrated agency will maximize efficiency by aligning messages to each platform simultaneously – allowing the marketing effort to speak with one clear voice.

Communications and public relations professionals tend to be counselors who excel in messaging and content, while creative teams are able to hone in on key attributes of a product or service and bring out the “wow” factor or value proposition of the brand.

Let the results speak for themselves.
Whether it be through press releases and earned media; advertising, paid media and digital applications (including website and social media content); or through sales collateral and direct mail, an integrated firm can help companies put a comprehensive communications and marketing program in place that delivers strong results and a bigger bottom line.

Jason Meyer
Executive Vice President & Partner